What it’s like being hypnotised

In this post, we asked someone who had been through hypnotherapy what their experience was like. If you are curious about hypnotherapy, this is a good post for you. Kay only wanted to try out a general relaxation session with no goal in mind. Remember that sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs.

Kay’s experience

I decided to go under hypnosis partly out of curiosity and partly because I’ve read up on its benefits. I was assured that I wouldn’t come out of it making chicken noises so that was good enough for me. The session started with a chat about my life story and what I wanted to work on. For the session, I picked something quite general like having a healthy lifestyle as a goal. We discussed my current lifestyle and what I’ve been doing to change it. I sat on a reclining chair with my legs slightly elevated and had a blanket over me and the lights were turned low. A relaxing music played in the background. Then I was asked to close my eyes and listen to the voice,  following instructions of deep breathing as I sank my whole body into the seat.

My goals

He then started talking about my goals and reaching them. To be honest, it is still hard to remember what he was saying. Apparently, that’s quite normal when you’re under a hypnotic state. What I do remember is how my body felt. I was glued to the seat and I could not get up if I wanted to. I was so relaxed I thought I was asleep. But I couldn’t have been because I was still hearing things — his voice, the music. There were moments I could hear and understand what he was saying to me. But there were also moments when I was listening to the voice but not really comprehending the words. I was in a very deep state of relaxation, almost like having a nap but not really. I came back from the session without that groggy feeling you get after a nap. It was a strange transition from deep relaxation to being back to reality because my body didn’t struggle to get out of it. Unlike when you wake up from a nap and you don’t want to so you lay down for a while before fully waking up. One thing I did find strange was that although my goal was fitness, my mind went somewhere else when he mentioned about achieving my goals. What came to my head was my writing. When I mentioned this after the session, he said sometimes the real goal comes to our minds while under hypnosis. Overall it was a good first experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to try again.

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