Hypnosis is not like in the movies with dark, penetrating eyes, swinging watches, deep, zombie like trances etc. In fact many people are aware of everything that is said during a session, some don’t remember anything and others only remember feelings, and all of that is fine because they are still under hypnosis which is a perfectly natural state of consciousness. Light hypnotic states (Alpha) occur when our brain waves slow down just a little, our mind is focused, our hearing a bit more acute, our breathing is slow and shallow and we are relaxed. Read up on it here for more information.

You don’t need to bring anything. Just come and be open to the process.

The package will give you THREE sessions.  We do offer a FREE session if you take up smoking again within 12 months of completing the program.

Most people begin to see change from the first session. Depending on the complexity of change required three sessions is the optimum plan for a permanent successful outcome of a single point of change (as in quitting smoking). The first session is the longest – we explore where you are now, where you want to be, how are we going to get there? We test for your hypnotisability and we conduct the first hypnotherapy session. There usually is some self help tools for you to practice between sessions. The second session starts with an assessment of the previous week and whether or not some modifications should be made to the plan, followed by the second hypnotherapy session. The third session completes and closes off the plan allowing for change to continue on to its natural and full inclusion into your subconscious. For some people the current situation is far more complex with multiple feelings, emotions, event memories etc stopping them from living the life they want now and into the future. For these people the 30 minute free consultation is a way of mapping out a plan and gathering information specific to them so they can make an informed decision about their future treatment plan.

If you have had psychotherapy in the past you will be struck by the difference between it and hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy, the way I practice it, is for the most part, content free. That is we don’t tend to re-hash whether you were bottle fed or breast fed as a baby, whether your siblings or schoolmates picked on or bullied you or any one of the millions of reasons or excuses for you being where you find yourself today. So, if we don’t go over and over these things every time you come for a session, then they are not in the forefront of your mind. All we need to know in order to help you is that you know where you are at today, you know what you don’t like about where you are now and you have a clear and real desire to change. We can’t change history (what actually happened), what we can change is how you allow your feelings to keep you stuck in the past, and by changing those feelings, allow you to have the present and future you want for yourself. Some of us have multiple related issues that would benefit from intensive consecutive treatments structured to maximise the effects of the changes, in a sequential fashion. Or perhaps the issue is so deeply rooted that a series of gentle coaxing sessions is required to unravel and ease apart the co-dependent aspects of the issue. Change for changes sake is never to be considered the end game. Change in a hypnotic sense must have at its core a means to an end, a pathway to your overall, well defined desired outcome. Just as no-ones personal circumstances are the same, so too are no-ones paths to their own desired outcomes the same. What some may be able to achieve in 3 sessions may well take someone else 5, 7 or even 10 sessions to achieve. We achieve solutions with you.

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