Stress and Anxiety Relief

Two of the most stressful things we can do is try to quit smoking and try to lose weight.
In other circumstances, stress and anxiety takes up a lot of cognitive function. It eats into the mind power that could otherwise be used for natural actions of everyday living. But you don’t have to live your life riddled with stress and anxiety. There is a better and proven way to deal with it through clinical hypnotherapy.

For carers and patients

People become stuck in this quagmire of worry, fear and anxiety. Not just the people living with the symptoms of dementia, but their carers and loved ones as well. Imagine feeling your mind getting younger and thinking clearer. We can help you be calm, comfortable and relaxed.
By reducing these stressors about the future we can free the mind to allow a longer period of independent living, thus helping carers and loved ones. By helping the carers as well to reduce their stress the relationship between cared for and carer is far more harmonious, understanding and cooperative.

For everyone else

Shire Hypnosis makes clinical hypnotherapy available for everyone at an affordable cost. This means anyone who is suffering from stress and anxiety can change their life. Our programs specifically target your individual needs which we will determine together at the initial consultation.
Stress and anxiety is caused by various things. It can be brought about by things such as: job loss, divorce or moving houses, a driving test or school exam. It can have its origins way back in the past or it can be triggered by something in the here and now. Stress can’t be alleviated without neutralising the way we feel about the cause.
No matter who you are or what you do we can help. It doesn’t matter why you are experiencing stress and anxiety, our program will work for you because it is tailored specifically for you.

Will it work?

Clinical hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of a whole range of issues. “What the mind believes, the body will do.” This includes the treatment of stress and anxiety. Of course, as with any therapeutic or complementary medicine treatment it is impossible to categorically guarantee that it will work for you. Everyone is an individual and hypnotherapy does not, can not and would never try to take away your free will. However, once we have agreed on a course of action to treat your stress and anxiety, we can create the program that would be best for you and offer the absolute best opportunity of a successful outcome.